NutriDroid Diabetes Nutrition 1.2.116

NutriDroid watches your glycemic index carbs calories Points Plus and much more

NutriDroid has all the information you need to manage your Android diet, whether you are watching your diabetes, calories, carbohydrates, glycemic index, Weight Watchers Point Plus™ or just about any other food detail NutriDroid has the information you need. Not only does NutriDroid show you the food details, but you can also keep track of each meal. Keeping records of what you are eating and keeping track of the totals you need for your nutrition. NutriDroid keeps track of your health records like glucose level, blood pressure, weight and medicines taken. All of the information can be reviewed for any date via a simple reports.You can also email reports to your physician for further analysis.

All of us at NutriDroid are dedicated to making this software the best it can be. We are open for suggestions on how to make the software better. We do listen to what you are saying and will try to incorporate all of your suggestions into the software. If you have problems or questions please contact, we will listen and respond! Please do not leave negative comments unless you have at least tried to contact us first. I really appreciate it!

NutriDroid allows you to build recipes to make it easy to add food to your meals. Along with favorites and group listing of food you can also enter the name of the food you wish to add to your meal. If the food is not on the list, you can add it easily. You can optionally share the food you add with other NutriDroid users. In turn they can share their added food with you, all automatically.

NutriDroid is a complete nutrition tool to help you maintain your health and your lifestyle.

NutriDroid is designed specifically for the mobile market. Ease of use and speed are essential components of the software. The database is stored locally on your Android device. This ensures that you are able to access the information at all times, even when the internet might not be available. This also leaves you in full control of your data unlike a lot of other applications.

NutriDroid also has an optional login and password system available. You can keep your data private to only you. Additionally you can track other users on your phone, just by logging into NutriDroid with another user.

Record keeping for blood pressure, diabetes glucose monitoring, heart rate and medicines taken are integrally part of NutriDroid. This keeps all of your data in one simple to use and review application. The records system has a simple reporting system. You can select the type of report and start and ending dates. You can then choose to show a report on the screen which simply shows the date and time as well as the data recorded. Another choice is to send the data you want to display to your email where you can easily send the email to your physician or anyone you choose. The data is easily viewed in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Finally the data can be presented on your mobile device as a graph.

As with the records module for your vital information, you can also view all of the meals food details you have captured. On your personal profile you enter key information and NutriDroid will calculate the maximum values for each of the major areas of the food details. This includes Glycemic Index, Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates and Fiber. You can also enter your maximum Weight Watchers Point Plus into your profile. On the Today screen each of these details are shown and a percentage of the maximum based on your profile. The Weight Watcher Points Plus is calculated automatically for your meals.

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OS:Android 2.1 and up

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